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Votes & Values (Multiple Sources)

Just about enough time has passed for the Monday morning quarterback essays to come out in earnest about the election. Equally notable are the essays proclaiming victory. One of my favorite essays is Jeff Weiss’ in the Dallas Morning News which analyzes the rhetoric of values in the election. The most read blog on the Internet, Daily Kos, summarizes his take on the most prevalent theories as to what the election means, and the discussion includes almost 400 responses many of which are from health policy analysts. Also around the blogs, Matthew Holt of Health Care Blog opines on winners and losers. The quite conservative San Francisco Chronicle discusses the role of celebrity endorsements, which really have reached an unprecedented pitch in this round of elections. Christian Science Monitor discusses the demonization of big pharma, which is interesting since the discussion of drug companies does not seem to have played a significant role in the election.

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