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Posted on December 13, 2007 at 1:37 PM

As Kelly posted earlier, the South Koreans have cloned cats with RFP genes. A side-effect is that the cats glow under ultraviolet light. Sure, there’s probably a legitimate scientific reason for these experiments (it proves that the manipulated gene was passed on to the clone), but the cynic in me wonders if there isn’t another motive. GloFishPerhaps the researchers’ retirement accounts will now be funded by revenue generated by consumers who just have to have a glowing cat as a pet. What could be more hip? Skeptical? Did you know you can buy genetically altered zebra fish that glow in lots of different florescent colors from your local PetCo? The one exception is California where those left coasters seem to think that using the awesome powers of genetics ought to be used for less frivolous purposes. Hm.

-Andrea Kalfoglou


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