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Posted on November 28, 2008 at 11:37 AM

Planned Parenthood of Indiana is giving out a holiday gift that has some people outraged. What possibly in the season of giving could have Hoosiers so upset?


According to a news report out of Evansville, Indiana, $25 gift certificates are being handed out by the organization this holiday season which women can use for yearly checkups or one’s chosen birth control method. This gift is raising the ire of pro-lifers in Indiana who say that Planned Parenthood is making a “mockery” of Christmas by promoting the destruction of life.

Shame on you, Planned Parenthood of Indiana, for making reproductive health a little easier in these difficult financial times and for not leaving it to the pro-life community to determine what the appropriate “stocking stuffers” for women should be this holiday. I’m sure the hundreds of thousands of uninsured women who need access to reproductive services in Indiana will be sending you a lump of coal for your stocking as well.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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