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Shout Out to Our Sponsors of 2008, 2009 and Beyond….

The year of 2009 has already started out to be a fascinating year for bioethics: divorcing spouses want internal organs back as part of settlement offers, Angelina Jolie look-alike gives birth to octuplets, and an inmate who is suing prison officials for force feeding him on his hunger strike. wouldn’t survive without unethical doctors who decide it might be a good idea to implant eight embryos into a woman’s uterus, crazy divorces, or any of the dozen other medical, scientific, and social oddities that crop up each day that we have the privilege of writing about. At the risk of appearing and sounding like “bought” bioethicists doing what we do (as some bioethicists themselves have claimed about the entire academic enterprise, ironically enough), a long overdue “THANK YOU” is here to our sponsors.

We are able to do what we do in large part because of the support of key institutions like
Albany Medical College,
the American Medical Association,
Case Western Reserve University,
Cleveland Clinic,
Harvard University,
Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics and Health Policy at Loyola University,
the Journal of Hospital Ethics and Washington Hospital Center,
the Bioethics Program of Union University and Mount Sinai,
the Brocher Foundation, and
Wake Forest University.

Many thanks to all of our supporters, financial and otherwise, advertisers, and advisors. is a rapidly growing, shiny, happy place to be–and read–because of you.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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