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Krauthammer: President Obama’s “Science Fiction”

Charles Krauthammer, writing an op-ed in today’s Washington Post, talks about his opinion about the Obama’ stem cell policy and his perspective having served on the President’s Council on Bioethics.

My favorite rant against Obama’s decision is here:

“Obama’s address was morally unserious in the extreme. It was populated, as his didactic discourses always are, with a forest of straw men. Such as his admonition that we must resist the “false choice between sound science and moral values.” Yet, exactly 2 minutes and 12 seconds later he went on to declare that he would never open the door to the “use of cloning for human reproduction.””

Clearly this is horrible compared to the vapid language used by President Bush 8 years earlier that research on stem cells “offers both great promise and great peril, so I have decided we must proceed with great care.” Great, great, great.

In any case, one would not expect conservatives to do anything but to attack President Obama’s stem cell policy. Krauthammer is another voice in the crowd attempting to attack the logical consistency of the policy and the definition of “ethics” and “values” used by the new kids on the political block.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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