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Chi-Town Is A-Buzz With Bioethics Happenings…


Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is encouraging the Chicagoland area to come out for a panel discussion about bioethical issues fed from topics and questions sent from Twitter and Facebook, says the Chicago Trib.

The project called, “Science Chicago“, will include local bioethicists from Northwestern University and the University of Chicago to talk about current questions that residents of the Windy City want to know the answer to, or at least have been pondering.

If only every medium to large-sized city in America were holding such a discourse on the major bioethical issues of the day, perhaps we might have a public that were both educated on the basic science of these current and emerging issues as well as informed about the ethical issues at stake in rapidly advancing science. An idealistic goal, I know, but one to dream of…..

Also happening at Northwestern University: it’s under new leadership! Congrats to Tod Chambers, PhD, former ASBH president and AJOB Editorial Board member, who is now the Director of the Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program at Northwestern University.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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