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Nurses, Doctors Rank Among The Most Trusted Professionals in Society. Who’s At The Bottom? You Guessed It. Joseph Lieberman and the Gang.


You might be surprised to learn that nurses (and healthcare professionals generally) are among the most trusted members of society, according to the annual Gallup “Honesty and Ethics of Professions” poll. Evidently, Americans believe that health professionals don’t lie (except when they think it’s good for you, if you read the most recent AJOB, or if you are Dr. House).

On the other end of the spectrum are politicians, the pond scum of the honest and ethics poll. They rank alongside, according to The Hill Blog Briefing Room, such lowlifes as the proverbial car salesmen, evil HMO managers, and Wall Street stockbrokers!

Where has our trust in American government gone? It appears to have gone right down the toilet with the public option, Medicare starting at age 55, and a whole string of political compromises and proposals that might have made health reform possible.

In order for trust to be restored, politicians will have to start making good on their promises and start delivering results to the American people. Perhaps they will start by figuring out a way to provide health care for all Americans.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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