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Before It Even Hits The Front Page….Sobsey Comments on AJOB’s First Issue of 2010

AJOB’s first issue of 2010 is already off to a roaring start, making waves and stirring up controversy before it can even be posted on the front page of!

AJOB starts off its 10th anniversary year with a bang with a highly contentious article by Diekema and Fost on the Ashley X case and their continued defense of the growth attenuation and sterilization procedures performed on that young girl.


As Sobsey notes in his blog post yesterday, “thankfully, the American Journal of Bioethics provided an opportunity for peer commentary. Of course, not all the commentary directly opposes the procedures, but most of it does.”

In addition, this issue contains target articles on a comparative study on CPR/DNR policies in the US and the UK and the featured cover story on pharmaceutical detailing and the American Association of Medical College’s policy on it by Thomas Huddle.

Check out later today to see the full TOC, our great cover, and to read more about AJOB’s first issue of 2010!

Summer Johnson, PhD

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