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Second Seed


Yes, apparently it’s true, according to the Kansas City Star, that March Madness and vasectomies are linked.

Men willingly choose to schedule this somewhat uncomfortable procedure during the Big Tournament, specifically. Why? What better time to be laid up on the couch with frozen peas between your legs, right? (Just don’t get TOO excited as Northern Iowa beats Kansas!)

Not only is there a link between men scheduling vasectomies during the men’s NCAA basketball tournament, some doctors are even using it as a marketing ploy. The Oregon Urology Clinic in Eugene’s “Snip City 2010” featured Dick Vitale (I wonder if he said the usual “It’s Awesome, Baby!”) telling potential patients to “take care of the equipment and lower your seed for the tourney.”

Oddly, I find this disturbing–the use of sporting events as the deciding factors for major reproductive decisions. While I’m sure most men find this funny (or maybe even a good idea), I’m sure most would be appalled if women were known to be making permanent reproductive choices based on the airing date of the Oscars or the advice of Oprah.

But alas, these are the differences between the reproductive lives of men and women. Men get Dick Vitale and the NCAA tournament and women get….well, well, you tell me.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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