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Green in Life, Green in Death


The environmental craze has extended to the funeral industry–at least in California. You can now, apparently, “go out green” and find a way to find a “an eco-friendlier alternative to cremation and burial” called water resolution, says the Arizona Daily Star.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint even after you can no longer even take a footstep? Now you can use a process that uses just a few chemicals and that will reduce the body to a watery mixture that “can be safely washed down the drain or even used to water plants.”

“Gee, Sally, what did you do to that ficus tree?” “Oh, that’s Bob.”

But in all seriousness, cremation and embalming aren’t nearly as environmentally friendly as water resolution because it neither relies upon fossil fuels or formaldahyde which can seep into the ground.

So want to make your final act an environmentally ethically sound one? Perhaps you should think of water resolution. It may just save the planet after you are no longer on it.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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