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AJOB Primary Research Launches with TWO Issues At Once!

The American Journal of Bioethics is proud to announce the “birth” of its second spin-off journal, AJOB Primary Research.


This newest AJOB journal has launched with two issues arriving online at once! Volume 1, Issue 1 contains 6 original empirical research articles from researchers around the globe as well as an editorial by Dr. Alexander Kon and a blog review by Dr. Summer Johnson.

Volume 1, Issue 2 begins with an editorial by Paul S. Appelbaum entitled “Understanding Understanding” and is followed by 5 original research articles on topics ranging from pharmacist conscientious objection, religion and genetics and genomics, understanding informed consent, and the impact of written policies on euthanasia in the Netherlands.

Congratulations to the entire AJOB team on this outstanding accomplishment and these fantastic two new issues.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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