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Posted on June 4, 2011 at 9:40 AM

With so much ink and space within the blogosphere already used to reflect on the death of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, it only seems fitting that we share with you some of the best perspectives on the controversial, death-obsessed man who turned the end-of-life debate on its head for so much of the 1990s.

Stay tuned for the July issue of The American Journal of Bioethics to read his philosophical obituary by Dr. Timothy Murphy!

First, Second Hand Smoke opines about Dr. Death.

Christian Post describes Dr. Death as “irked” by law and Christian values.

Was Perez Hilton even born when Jack was in his heyday?

We know what Lisa Belkin was doing when Dr. Death was all the rage: puking.

Some wonder who his successor will be. Our hope: no one!

And you thought TMZ was just for watching the Kardashians? Think again!

Summer Johnson McGee, PhD

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