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Octomom: “I Goofed.”

According to, Nadya Suleman admits that she made a mistake by undergoing an IVF procedure that resulted in the conception and birth of 8 children at once. As the New York Daily News reports, “The mother of 14, who recently posed nude to earn rent money for her family, has revealed she thinks it was a bad decision to undergo fertility treatments after already having six babies.”

Finally! She has seen the light! But wait, didn’t she already say this?  Did she think we forgot that she goofed?  In 2009,  discussed how Suleman was realizing that she may have “screwed up” her other children by having octuplets. She said so publicly and said she regretted the decision. So why the repeat of the same statements from 2009? Octomom is clearly trying to prolong her time in the limelight by making the rounds on morning talk shows and speaking to the media every few years revisiting the mistake she made. What is tragic, and even more so because so many predicted it, is that Suleman cannot afford to care for her 15-member family and is living off of welfare checks and payments for posing nude in magazines.

This is one genie that cannot be put back in the bottle. And the spectacle that is Octomom is likely to continue for years and years to come. Let’s just hope that every few years she has the restraint not to pop back up in the media and online and remind us that she goofed. We know. We get it.

Summer Johnson McGee, PhD

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