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Patenting (part of) the brain?

I have recently become aware of the news that a company has patented regional brain responses to “appeal” and “engagement”. Through the scarcity of the material presented, it is really hard to get an idea of what the patent really entails. But from the sound of it, we are suggested that the patent is about […]

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Rationing at the Bedside: Dr. Roger Barrow on Ethical Issues in Family Medicine

We are pleased to share with you a guest blog post from Roger Barrow, MD. Dr. Barrow is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and practices at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez, CA.

“Bedside Rationing” of Clinic Time      

Fairness to each patient in an overly busy Family Medicine clinic is difficult to achieve. I practice in a county facility in the “safety net” treating the indigent as well as increasing numbers of people “disenfranchised” from their former insurance coverage after losing their job. All are in need of health care and most have no other options. The system is chronically underfunded, therefore our county’s human and other resources have not kept pace with the increasing number of patients needing our services.…

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A Hiatus

Blogs are meant to be part of the larger, daily conversation. One of the great failures of conversation is, of course, simply waiting for your turn to speak. I’ve found myself listening recently and not quite sure what to say next. For the moment, Pop Bioethics is on pause.

For those of you who’ve [...]

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Even 12-Year-Olds Understand Healthcare Reform

If you want to know how easy and intuitive it is to understand the individual mandate, watch this video with Peter Ubel and his son, Taylor Greeno, who discuss why healthcare reform is good for everyone. Simply put, as Taylor says, “Insurance companies should charge everyone the same amount…” and we can do that, as Peter says, by having everyone required to get insurance. Simple enough.

Watch the video here. It’s great.


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