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Posted on August 20, 2012 at 7:58 PM

Particularly these days, as a Presidential election is nearing, the politics of abortion is now in the forefront though it always has been a political and religious issue. Even, from an ethics point of view, the debate has been engaged as to whether a fetus was a person and what ethical, if not legal, rights was available for the fetus.. The issue of abortion is usually associated with either disease or injury on the part of the mother or in the case of an unwanted, unintended pregnancy.  Another area for consideration of abortion is in the case of rape with an associated pregnancy. Should abortion be an option for the mother if pregnant as a consequence of rape? There are political and religious views which deny such an option for the mother since rape should not lead to the punishment of the fetus for such a criminal act. Yet, one can argue that if the fetus of rape is unwanted by the mother and even by the rest of the family and abortion is not an option, who will be responsible for the continuing of the pregnancy and who will be responsible for the further life of the child when it is born?  Some might consider if the responsibility is put on the mother and family that this is simply an ongoing punishment of the mother and family for a crime they did not commit. If the rapist is not the one to assume the responsibility for the result of the crime, do the politicians and religions and others in society who hold that abortion is not acceptable in such a pregnancy, agree that then they are all responsible for the consequences of their dictum including the ongoing management, care and expense of the product of the rape?  Making political, religious or ethical decisions and failing to be responsible for the consequences should be open to scrutiny. What do you think?  ..Maurice.

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