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Prevention vs. Treatment – Book of the Year

A book to which I  contributed chapter 10, “The Slow Transition of U.S. Law Toward a Greater Emphasis on Prevention,”
 was just named as one of Washington Post Wonkblog’s “Books of
the Year.”  
The book is Prevention vs.
Treatment: What’s the Right Balance?
 By (Halley Faust and Paul
Menzel  eds., 
University Press, Oct. 2011).
Sarah Kliff writes:  “I spent a good part of this year writing a three-part series on the health-care law’s Prevention and Public Health
Fund, the Affordable Care Act’s $15 billion investment in preventing costly
diseases before they occur. I found Faust and Menzel’s book a hugely helpful
frame for thinking about how public dollars are spent in health care and better
understanding how the two interact.”

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