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Zfat v. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital – Orthodox Jews Ask Court to Order Hospital to Continue Life Support

About a year ago, 19-year-old daughter, Danielle Zfat was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  On Nov. 25th she was admitted to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Florida.  On Jan. 1st her condition worsened and she was placed on life support.

As of January 3, 2013, the physicians at the hospital indicated that they would be removing all medical systems which supported Danielle’s life.

But Danielle and her family are Orthodox Jews who believe they cannot withdraw life sustaining devices once they are in place. Danielle’s mother explains:  “Our way to believe as a Jew . . . is that everything goes through the heart. As long as the heart beats, the soul is in the heart, and therefore she is alive.”  “When God decides to take her, then he will take her. She’s breathing, she’s alive. She’s up there alive, breathing. Take care of my daughter please. Give her life. Don’t cut her off. Anybody can share any support. Please.”

The family’s attorney, Moshe Rubenstein, has filed an emergency motion in court.


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