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Posted on February 28, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Compassion & Choices is engaged in “seven dynamic state-based campaigns” to legalize aid-in-dying. 

1.  Massachusetts, where we could pass a law to fulfill the promise of last year’s ballot measure. We have majority support and an army of motivated citizen activists behind our efforts

2.  Vermont, where I can report that the Senate approved an aid-in-dying bill just last week! Now we must rally grassroots support behind Patient Choices Vermont to help them get it through the House and to the governor, who has promised to sign it.

3.  New Jersey, where our staff is building support for a strong bill that made it out of committee and is set for a full Assembly vote very soon. Similar legislation is before the state Senate as well.

4.  Connecticut, where an aid-in-dying bill will likely have its first committee hearing in March. State-based staff and volunteers are busy throughout the state building critical coalitions and preparing citizens to show legislators their support.

5.  New Mexico, where we seek a legal ruling that the state’s statute against “assisting suicide” does not cover the medical practice of aid in dying. Such a ruling would allow us to safely weave that medical practice into the healthcare expectations of New Mexicans and the standard of care practiced by supportive doctors.

6.  Montana, where we are currently fighting to stop a bill in the legislature that would send doctors to prison if they provide aid in dying to their terminally ill patients who request it.

7.  Hawaii, where we continue to expand our work to make aid in dying legally accessible to terminally ill patients and define it as a medical practice governed by broadly accepted medical standards of care.

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