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Posted on April 13, 2013 at 4:39 PM
lawsuit (docket here) filed in Polk County, Florida, earlier this
month, alleges that Lakeland
Regional Medical Center
 failed to send a copy of Marjorie
Mangiaruca’s DNAR order with her when it transferred her to Oakbridge
Healthcare Center.  LRMC didn’t tell the people transporting her to the nursing home that she
had a DNAR order and didn’t alert the nursing home she was a DNAR patient.

A few days after the transfer, Oakbridge nurses found Mangiaruca not
breathing and unresponsive.  What happened next should not have happened
to a DNAR patient:
  • Oakbridge called 911.  
  • When Mangiaruca’s heart stopped en route to the hospital EMTs did CPR.  
  • When that did not work, EMTs put a hole in her neck and
    inserted an airway tube.  They injected drugs to restart her heart and
    paralyze her so she couldn’t resist intervention.
  • At the hospital, clinicians removed the tube inserted
    by the EMTs and put in another tube that was connected to a ventilator.  
  • A feeding tube also was installed.
  • Mangiaruca wwas transferred to a medical ICU.

Only days later were these interventions deescalated.  Hospital staff followed the daughter’s direction to remove the breathing tube and
disconnect Mangiaruca from the ventilator.  She died five days later in a
palliative care unit.  In short, Mangiaruca’s wishes were ignored and
her death was prolonged.  

It is worth noting that one of the most significant cases concerning unwanted
life-sustaining treatment was also a 
.  I have collected
many similar cases 
here.  I have analyzed the law concerning the
administration of unwanted treatment 

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