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Posted on May 20, 2013 at 5:44 PM

I am putting up a series of excellent discussions about ethical/professional issues that could involve a medical student and you or a family member as a patient. Each discussion as a separate thread is based on the book Professionalism in Medicine : A Case-Based Guide for Medical Students. Cambridge:Cambridge University Press; 2010 and  from the website “Professionalism in Medicine” prepared by Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Each issue at the website is begun with a brief vignette, and then a brief video dramatization of the vignette and then followed by perspective commentaries by a medical student and followed by that of a faculty member. First go to the following link, read, view and then return and present the visitors to this thread your own view of the particular professional issue from the perspective of the patient: Commitment to Honesty with Patients.

Honesty with the patient or family requires that those who are called “doctors” are indeed “doctors” and not medical students who haven’t graduated. As I have written on a much earlier thread, I totally disagree with the identification of the student as even a “student doctor” as I also disagree with the term “student nurse”. I think all those who interact with a patient should be identified as to their role. This is part of being honest with the patient. So let’s call the students what they are: “nursing student” and “medical student”— NOT a nurse and NOT a doctor. ..Maurice.

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