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Two New Books Take Aim at DSM-5

I have blogged often about the American Psychiatric Association’s forthcoming DSM-5, most recently:

To summarize, my main concern has been evidence of serious conflicts of interest among the “scientific” panels writing the new handbook of psychiatric diagnosis, resulting in a formula for millions more people to be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and (potentially) to be treated with drugs.

Now two new books each attack the DSM-5 content and process:

Gary Greenberg is a counselor and Dr. Allen Frances is the former chair of the committee that produced DSM-IV. They therefore have somewhat different perspectives but converge on criticisms of the new manual and how it was produced.

I reiterate my personal view that I hope other medical specialties will refuse to recognize DSM-5 and encourage their members not to utilize those diagnostic categories. The American Psychiatric Association may, if they wish, go back to the drawing board and produce a diagnostic manual that sticks to science and is not commercially biased.

Hat tip to Dr. Bernard Carroll for recommending this book review.

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