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Legal Briefing: Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking

The latest issue of the The Journal of Clinical Ethics is out (Spring 2014, 25(1)).  Included in this issue is an update of my 2011 legal analysis of VSED/VRFF.  

Ethically Optimal Interventions with Impaired Patients — Edmund G. Howe 

DNR and ECMO: A Paradox Worth Exploring — Ellen Cowen Meltzer, Natalia S. Ivascu, and Joseph J. Fins 

Defending the Jurisdiction of the Clinical Ethicist — John H. Evans

Can the Social Sciences Save Bioethics? — Daniel Callahan 

Clinical Ethicists: Consultants or Professionals? — William J. Winslade 

Response to Callahan and Winslade — John H. Evans

The Desire to Die: Making Treatment Decisions for Suicidal Patients Who Have an Advance Directive — Erica K. Salter 

Beyond Privacy: Benefits and Burdens of E-Health Technologies in Primary Care — Julie M. Aultman and Erin Dean 

The Side-Effects of the “Facebook Effect”: Challenging Facebook’s “Organ Donor” Application — Adam M. Peña

Legal Briefing: Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking — Thaddeus Mason Pope and Amanda West

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