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After Court Battle, Hospital Withdraws Life Support Anyway – Terry Andrew Mace

Here is a quick chronological recap of the Terry Andrew Mace case:

  • March 6:  Collapsed at home
  • March 18:  Estranged wife arrives from Colorado (separated for 5 years and in midst of divorce proceedings)
  • March 20:  Wife authorizes DNR
  • March 22:  Wife authorizes removal of CANH
  • March 24:  Williamson County, TX court grants TRO blocking wife’s decisions
  • March 27:  Court grants temporary guardianship to father
  • March 29:  Hospital puts Mace on “comfort care”
  • April 1:  Mace dies at 1:00 a.m.

In short, notwithstanding the plan and intent of Terry Mace’s family, Seton Hospital apparently withdrew his life support.  

The family’s lawyers say they believe there was a “communication barrier” between Mace’s family and the hospital.  (Austin American Statesman)  They believe the hospital didn’t explain “comfort care” to the family properly, and if they had known his tubes would be taken out, they would have gone back to court to have them reinstated. 

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