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New Book on Advance Directives

The preface of a new book on advance directives rightly notes that “many ethical and policy issues remain in need of further exploration.”

Part I – History of Advance Directives and Prerequisites for Validity

  • 1. Historical Review of Advance Directives (Alfred Simon) 
  • 2. Personal Capacity to Anticipate Future Illness and Treatment Preferences (Marie-Jo Thiel) 
  • 3. Advance Directives in Psychiatry (Jochen Vollmann)

Part II – Defining the Scope of Advance Directives

  • 4. On the Scope and Limits of Advance Directives and Prospective Autonomy (Robert Olick)
  • 5. Revocation of Advance Directives (Ralf Jox)
  • 6. Limitations to the Scope and Binding Force of Advance Directives: the Conflict Between Compulsory Treatment and the Right to Self‑Determination (Jacqueline Atkinson & Jacqueline Reilly)
  • 7. Advance Directives in the Context of Imprisonment (Bernice Elger)

Part III – Effects on Family, Friends and Professional Relations

  • 8. Advance Directives and the Physician-Patient Relationship: A Surprising Metamorphosis (Mark Aulisio)
  • 9. Advance Directives and the Role of Family and Close Persons – Legal Provisions and; Challenges (Margot Michel) 
  • 10. Advance Directives and the Ethos of Good Nursing Care (Settimio Monteverde)

Part IV; Ethical Challenges

  • 11. Advance Directives Between Respect for Patient Autonomy and Paternalism (Manuel Trachsel et al)
  • 12. The Use of Advance Directives in the Context of Limited Resources for Healthcare (Ruth Horn & Ruud ter Meulen)
  • 13. From Legal Documents to Patient-Oriented Processes: The Evolution of Advance Care Planning (Tanja Krones & Sohaila Bastami)

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