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Using Our Brains: Integrate Ethics Early in Neuroscience Research

In an editorial for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (Bioethics Commission) Chair Amy Gutmann, Ph.D., echoes the recommendations of the Bioethics Commission’s new report Gray Matters: Integrative Approaches for Neuroscience, Ethics, and Society , calling for the explicit integration of ethics and neuroscience:

“Too often in our nation’s past, ethical lapses in research have had tragic consequences and derailed scientific progress…Ethics in science must not come to the fore for the first time after something has gone wrong. The best approach is for all stakeholders in neuroscience research—including scientists, ethicists and concerned citizens—to work together from the start of potentially path-breaking research to anticipate problems and prevent unethical surprises down the road.”

 Read the op-ed.


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