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World Right to Die Conference

Plan to attend he 20th World Right to Die Conference in Chicago, September 17-21, 2014.

Hear about the exciting developments in Scotland from Peter Warren, legislative assistant to the late, great Margot MacDonald.  Attend Chris Docker’s seminar on methods of self-deliverance.

Also meet the courageous leaders of the movement in Quebec who are close to changing the law in that mostly Catholic province as well as legal and other development in the rest of Canada from DWD leader, Wanda Morris. And so much more — Sean Davison from South Africa, Carole Sweney in New Zealand, Dr. Rodney Syme from Australia, Dr. Petra de Jong head of NVVE in the Netherlands, and Dr. Soichiro Iwao head of the Japan RTD Society (with more than 125,000 members).

Derek Humphry and Faye Girsch will chair an all day program on Saturday on new technologies. All of these RTD leaders — and many more.

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