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Moral Distress Education Project

Medical futility disputes have been repeatedly measured as one of the biggest causes of moral distress, especially among nurses.

The University of Kentucky has launched a completely free continuing education version of The Moral Distress Education Project. The program functions as a self-guided documentary that provides up to 2.0 hours credits. 

Unidentified or unresolved moral distress leads to retention problems; horizontal violence; and patient-care gaps. By the end of this program learners will understand the root causes of moral distress and how to prevent it by developing better communication strategies and systems-based approaches to reduce moral distress and moral residue, which improves patient care overall and faculty/staff competencies. By completing all three modules, you’ll become aware of what moral distress is, and how it occurs. You’ll also be able to properly define moral distress and share definitions with colleagues/coworkers.

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