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Posted on September 23, 2014 at 7:59 AM

Oxford University Press has just published Hospice Ethics: Policy and Practice in Palliative Care.  

Hospice is one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. healthcare system, a trend that is expected to accelerate as the median age of the population continues to rise over the next three decades. Despite over forty percent of the population now dying while on hospice care, very little has been published on the ethical opportunities and challenges experienced in the everyday lives of those giving and receiving hospice care. 

This book is the first comprehensive collection devoted to analyzing distinctive ethical issues arising in the delivery of hospice care and designed to promote best ethical practices for hospice care professionals and organizations. Thirteen newly commissioned chapters by seventeen hospice experts populate three thematic sections of the book, each devoted to an aspect of the intersection between ethics and hospice care. Here is the table of contents:

Bruce Jennings and Timothy W. Kirk

Section I: Hospice: The Emergence of a Philosophy of Care

1. “From Rites to Rights of Passage”: Ideals, Politics, and the Evolution of the American Hospice Movement
Joy Buck

2. Hospice Care as a Moral Practice: Exploring the Philosophy and Ethics of Hospice Care
Timothy W. Kirk

Section II: The Interdisciplinary Team: Ethical Opportunities and Challenges

3. The Pharmacist as an Integral Member of the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team
R. Timothy Tobin

4. The Continuingly Evolving Role of the Hospice Medical Director
Joan Harrold

5. The Interdisciplinary Team – Integrating Moral Reflection and Deliberation 
Terry Altilio and Nessa Coyle

Section III: Organizational and Policy Ethics in Hospice 

6. Ethical Issues in the Care of Infants, Children and Adolescents
Marcia Levetown and Stacy Orloff

7. The ‘Patient-Family Dyad’ as Interdependent Unit of Hospice Care: Toward an Ethical Justification
Patrick T. Smith

8. Inpatient Hospice Care: Organizational and Ethical Considerations
Tara Friedman

9. Ethical Issues Associated with Hospice in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Communities
Jean C. Munn and Sheryl Zimmerman

10. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Hospice: Ethically Justified or an Oxymoron?
Muriel R. Gillick

11. Moral Meanings of Physician-Assisted Death for Hospice Ethics
Courtney S. Campbell 

12. Ethics Committees for Hospice: Moving Beyond the Acute Care Model 
Jennifer Ballentine and Pamela Dalinis

Section IV: Ethics and the Future of Hospice

13. Design for Dying: New Directions for Hospice and End-of-life Care 
Bruce Jennings

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