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Texas Medical Association Defends Advance Directives Act

Konni Burton is running for the Texas State Senate as a Tea Party candidate.  She recently took a position on the end-of-life medical disputes.

Burton sent a campaign mailer that stated: “As State Senator, Konni will fight to protect the elderly and disabled patients from doctors who want to administer life-ending procedures.”  (Star Telegram)  This is an attack on Texas Health & Safety Code 166.046, the so-called Texas “medical futility law.”

A letter from the Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee attacks Burton for her opposition to the 1999 law.  

  • “Do you know one single doctor who proposes to do such a thing? In my house, we would call that murder.”
  •  “By this statement alone, Burton proves she is totally out of touch with the reality of medical care.”
  • “Burton has demonstrated repeatedly that she is an enemy of the physicians of Texas.”

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