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Posted on March 3, 2015 at 4:00 AM

I blogged about the upcoming ICCEC this weekend.  Here are a few sessions that caught my eye.

Panel – Comparing Israeli and American Experiences: Families’ requests for continued physiologic support of patients deemed dead by neurological criteria — 

Anne Lederman Flamm, Jonathan Cohen

Do Everything!” – New aspects of a never-ending story — Kurt W Schmidt

Decision-Making for the Unbefriended Patient: A model approach facilitated by the Ethics Consult Service — Joan Henriksen Hellyer

Physician Attitudes Toward Proactive, Triggered (Unsolicited) Clinical Ethics Consultation for the Unrepresented Patient — Barrie J. Huberman

Panel – Worse than Futile: Medically non-beneficial treatment in the setting of complicated grief —  Annette Mendola, Vicki Cannington, Lynnette Osterlund, Caroline Vogel

The deployment of law in the clinical setting: Strategies for hospital ethics committees to address concerns surrounding clinician citation of the law — Anya Prince

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