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Utah Bill Assures Coverage for Terminally Ill

Utah S.B. 271 has passed both houses of the state legislature.  It prohibits denial of coverage under a health benefit plan because of life expectancy or a terminal condition.

The bill mandates that a health benefit plan may not deny coverage for medically necessary treatment if(1) it is prescribed by a physician; (2) it is agreed to by the patient/surrogate, and (3) the patient/surrogate is fully informed regarding life expectancy or diagnosis with a terminal condition. 

Specifically, the health plan may not deny coverage solely because: (1) of the life expectancy of the patient, or (2) the patient has been diagnosed with a terminal condition.

The bill clarifies that it does not require an insurer to offer any particular benefit or service as part of a health benefit.  The plan just cannot deny already covered services based on the beneficiary’s  terminal status.

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