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Posted on February 1, 2016 at 10:26 AM

La Locura del Libre MercadoI got an unusual email message a little while ago. It was from someone I had never met before, and it wasn’t obvious to me, at first, why this person was contacting me. The email began like this:

“I am an engineer and I work in a company of public passenger transport in Buenos Aires. Regardless of my training, I have a personal interest in economics as a science. I try to inform me and enable me everything I can on the subject.”

Okay, I thought. Here comes the part about needing money, or being connected to a prince – do they have those? – in Argentina. Then the email continued:

“Just I want to tell that I have read his book La Locura del Libre Mercado (at least that’s how it was called in the Spanish language edition) and I found a brilliant work.”

I am always up for good book recommendations. So I googled the title that he sent me, only to discover that it was a Spanish language edition of one of my books, Free Market Madness!

Pretty damn funny.

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