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Posted on October 5, 2016 at 6:21 PM

A symposium that I edited is now available in Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics by
Johns Hopkins University Press (Volume 6, Number 2, Summer 2016).

Narrative Symposium: Patient, Family, and Clinician Experiences with Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)

Editors’ Note
p. v
James M. DuBois, Ana S. Iltis, Susan G DuBois

Introduction: Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking
pp. 75-77
Thaddeus Mason Pope

Full Collection of Personal Narratives
Narrative Symposium: Patient, Family, and Clinician Experiences with Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)
pp. 77-107
Carol Douglas, Bill Lukin, Julie Dziedzic, Katherine Hammond, Elizabeth Jose, Bill Jose, Wendy Kohlhase, Adam Marks, Marilyn Mitchell, Phyllis Shacter, Susan Schaffer Elliot Schaffer, and Janet Maelek, Judith Schwarz, Stanley Terman, Gregory Webster, Laurie Ann, David L Brown, Blair Henry

My Life—My Death
pp. 77-78
Carol Douglas, Bill Lukin

The Less, the Better: One Patient’s Journey with VSED
pp. 78-80
Julie Dziedzic–Carroll

Kept Alive—The Enduring Tragedy of Margot Bentley
pp. 80-82
Katherine Hammond

VSED at Home with Hospice: The experiences of a Husband and Daughter 
pp.  82-88
Elizabeth Keller Jose, William S Jose

Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking: A Patient’s Right to Choose or an Act of Suicide?pp. 88-90
Wendy Kohlhase

‘I’d Like to Choose my Own Way:’ VSED in the Non–Terminal Patient
pp. 90-92
Adam Marks

Sam’s Final Story
pp. 92-94
Marilyn Mitchell

Not Here by Choice: My Husband’s Choice About How and When to Die
pp. 94-96
Phyllis Shacter

Life and Death on Her Own Terms
pp. 96-99
Susan Schaffer, Elliott Schaffer, Janet Malek

Sarah’s Second Attempt to Stop Eating and Drinking: Success at Last
pp. 99-101
Judith K Schwarz

To Live Long Enough to Warm the Hearts of Others: Reflections on Informing my Patient about a Peaceful Way to Die
pp. 102-105
Stanley A Terman

The Deacon’s Mom Wants to Die
pp. 105-107
Deacon Gregory K Webster

Personal Narratives (Web Only)

Mom’s VSED Journey
pp. e1-e4
Laurie Ann

She Never Met a Stranger—Death is No Stranger
pp. e4-e7
David L Brown

Hunger Games
pp. e7-e9
Blair Henry

Commentary  – VSED: Death With Dignity or Without?
pp. 109-113
Mark Corbett

VSED Narratives: Exploring Complexity
pp. 115-120
Robert Horowitz, Bernard Sussman, Timothy Quill

Merits, Demands, and Challenges of VSED
pp. 121-126
Paul T. Menzel

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