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Handbook of the Philosophy of Medicine

Now available – Handbook of the Philosophy of Medicine – 68 chapters spanning over 1000 pages.

This is the first wide-ranging, multi-authored handbook in the field of philosophy of medicine, covering the underlying conceptual issues of many important social, political and ethical issues in health care. It introduces and develops over 70 topics, concepts, and issues in the field. It is written by distinguished specialists from multiple disciplines, including philosophy, health sciences, nursing, sociology, political theory, and medicine. 

Many difficult social and ethical issues in health care are based on conceptual problems, most prominently on the definitions of health and disease, or on epistemological issues regarding causality or diagnosis. Philosophy is the discipline that deals with such conceptual, metaphysical, epistemological, methodological, and axiological matters. 

This handbook covers all the central concepts in medicine, such as ageing, death, disease, mental disorder, and well-being. It is an invaluable source for laypeople, academics with an interest in medicine, and health care specialists who want be informed and up to date with the relevant discussions. The text also advances these debates and will set the agenda for years to come.

Philosophy of Medicine and Bioethics
Schramme, Thomas

Normality as Convention and as Scientific Fact
Chadwick, Ruth

On Concepts of Positive Health
Nordenfelt, Lennart

Disease as Scientific and as Value-Laden Concept
Kingma, Elselijn

Mental Disorders as Genuine Medical Conditions
Wakefield, Jerome C.

Curing and Healing: Two Goals of Medicine
Szawarska, Dorota

Illness and Its Experience: The Patient Perspective
Carel, Havi

Nursing as Caring
Sellman, Derek

Goals of Medicine
Schramme, Thomas

Suffering: Harm to Bodies, Minds, and Persons
Hofmann, Bjørn

Disability as Medical and as Social Category
Edwards, Steven

Subjective and Objective Accounts of Well-Being and Quality of Life
Schramme, Thomas

Pain as a Subjective and Objective Phenomenon
Dekkers, Wim

Death as Biological Category
Holland, Stephen

Edwards, Steven

Enhancing Human Abilities and Characteristics Beyond Normality
Bloodworth, Andrew

How Can Aging Be Thought of as Anything Other Than a Disease?
Caplan, Arthur

Human Organisms from an Evolutionary Perspective: Its Significance for Medicine
Ananth, Mahesh

Human Nature as Normative Concept: Relevance for Health Care
Austriaco O.P., Nicanor Pier Giorgio

Conceptions of Health and Disease in Plants and Animals
Lerner, Henrik

Genetic Information in Medicine: Its Generation, Significance, and Use
Clarke, Angus

Conceptualization of Genetic Disease
Dekeuwer, Catherine

Mind-Brain Dualism and Its Place in Mental Health Care
Matthews, Eric

Memory, Identity and Dementia
Walker, Simon (et al.)

Children Are Not Small Adults: Significance of Biological and Cognitive Development in Medical Practice
Larcher, Vic

Extending Human Life as an Aim of Medicine
Holm, Søren

Holism in Health Care: Patient as Person
Woods, Simon

Hope, Despair, and Other Strategies of Patients
Boyd, Kenneth

Dignity of the Patient
Edgar, Andrew (et al.)

The Living Body and the Lived Body in the Clinical Encounter: How Does the Body Shape Ethical Practice
Legrand, Dorothée

Trust and Mistrust Between Patients and Doctors
Saunders, John

Spirituality in Health Care
Paley, John

Dying and the End of Life
Stacey Taylor, James

“Lives at Risk” Study: Philosophical and Ethical Implications of Using Narrative Inquiry in Health Services Research
Khanom, Ashrafunnesa (et al.)

Delusions: A Project in Understanding
Fulford, KWM (et al.)

Impairments of Personal Freedom in Mental Disorders
Schlimme, Jann E.

Mental Capacity of Adult Patients in Health Care
Hewitt, Jeanette

Patients’ Responsibility for Their Health
Langanke, Martin (et al.)

Applying Medical Knowledge: Diagnosing Disease
Stempsey, William E.

Technology and Dehumanization of Medicine
Lee, Keekok

Professionalism in Health Care
Edgar, Andrew

Skilled Know-How, Virtuosity, and Expertise in Clinical Practice
Braude, Hillel D.

Meaning and Use of Placebo: Philosophical Considerations
Louhiala, Pekka (et al.)

Philosophical Issues in Nanomedicine
Lenk, Christian

Philosophy of Sports Medicine
Camporesi, Silvia (et al.)

Medicine as Art and Science
Bærøe, Kristine

Biomedical Reductionist, Humanist, and Biopsychosocial Models in Medicine
Ghaemi, S. Nassir

Medical Theory and Its Notions of Definition and Explanation
Hucklenbroich, Peter

Cultural Influences on Medical Knowledge
Hughes, David

Hippocrates and the Hippocratic Tradition: Impact on Development of Medical Knowledge and Practice?
Marcum, James A.

Causation and Correlation in Medical Science: Theoretical Problems
Russo, Federica

Evidence-Based Medicine in Theory and Practice: Epistemological and Normative Issues
Rogers, Wendy (et al.)

Randomized Trials and Observational Studies: The Current Philosophical Controversy
Howick, Jeremy (et al.)

Statistical Generalizations in Epidemiology: Philosophical Analysis
Russo, Federica

Personalized Medicine: Conceptual, Ethical, and Empirical Challenges
Schildmann, Jan (et al.)

Synthetic Biology and Its Envisioned Significance for Modern Medicine
Braun, Matthias (et al.)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Its Relationship to Western Medicine
Louhiala, Pekka

Psychoanalysis as Science
Hoffmann, Martin

WHO’s Definition of Health: Philosophical Analysis
Bickenbach, Jerome

Health as Notion in Public Health
Schramme, Thomas

Identity Disorders: Philosophical Problems
Upton, Hugh

Personality Disorder: Philosophical Problems
Zachar, Peter

Philosophical Implications of Changes in the Classification of Mental Disorders in DSM-5
Heinz, Andreas (et al.)

Medicalization of Social Problems
Frawley, Ashley

Changing Human Nature: The Ethical Challenge of Biotechnological Interventions on Humans
Heilinger, Jan-Christoph (et al.)

Social Determinants of Health
Venkatapuram, Sridhar

Health Promotion in Public Health: Philosophical Analysis
Allmark, Peter

Psychopathy: Morally Incapacitated Persons
Maibom, Heidi

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