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MCDES – Pathways to Hope for Moral Injury & Other Invisible Wounds

The Minnesota Coalition for Death Education and Support (MCDES) is producing an all-day conference on May 5, 2017: “Pathways to Hope for Moral Injury & Other Invisible Wounds.”


  • Describe moral injury and related mental health traumas, e.g., PTSD.
  • Describe how forms of oppression relate to moral injury.
  • Identify and list resources, methods, and strategiesfor recovery through the arts, spiritual counseling, training, storytelling, and ritual processes.
  • Describe public lamentation for processing certain aspects of moral injury such as feelings of sorrow, betrayal, isolation, regret, and shame.
  • List strategies for educating and involving community organizations in working with those struggling with moral injury.
  • Identify and list strategies for turning greater national attention to moral injury and its impacts on physical and mental health in the larger society.


What Moral Injury Is & What It Is Not
◆ Different Definitions of Moral Injury
◆ PTSD & Moral Injury
◆ How it is Part of Many Kinds of Trauma
◆ Dimensions of Loss & Grief in Moral Injury
◆ How Perpetrator-Victim Framing Relates to Moral Responsibility for Harm

The Places & People Impacted by Moral Injury 
◆ Moral Injury in Caregivers
◆ Oppression as Context for Inescapable Moral Injury
◆ Thinking about Suffering in Relation to Moral Injury
◆ Individual & Collective Forms

Strategies for Individual & Community Recovery
◆ Individual Strategies for Recovery.
◆ Relational Strategies for Recovery
◆ Community Strategies for Recovery
◆ Arts, Animals, Public Service

Religion & the Big Meaning Picture & Moral Injury
◆ Larger Implications of Understanding Moral Injury in Society
◆ How to Address Moral Injury in Organizations & Communities
◆ Ritual, Religion, & Benevolent Moral Authorities
◆ Restoration of Hope & Human Flourishing

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