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Posted on April 25, 2017 at 4:30 AM
The spring 2017 issue of the American Society on Aging's flagship journal  GENERATIONS includes over 100 pages on "Reforming Advanced Illness and End-of-Life Care: The Way Forward."

Closing the Care Gap
Bill Novelli and Raca Banerjee

Understanding Cultural Gaps and Disparities in Advanced Illness Care
Marian Grant

Building the Road Ahead: Reflections on the C-TAC National Summits
Jon Broyles

Supporting the Patient Voice: Building the Foundation of Shared Decision-Making
Patricia Bomba

Advance Care Planning: Ensuring Patients’ Preferences Govern the Care They Receive
Brad Stuart, Angelo Volandes, and Benjamin W. Moulton

Aid in Dying: A Consideration of Two Perspectives
Bill Novelli and Raca Banerjee

Medical Aid in Dying: The Cornerstone of Patient-Centered Care
Barbara Coombs Lee and David Grube

Death by Lethal Prescription: A Right for Older People—or Their Duty?
Burke Balch

My Life, My Story: A Personal Experience with the Right Care, at the Right Time
Amy Berman

Caregiving at the End of Life: The Challenges for Family Caregivers
Barbara A. Given and Susan C. Reinhard

Lessons from the Hospice Benefit for Advanced Illness Care
Perry G. Fine and Malene S. Davis

A Prescription for Population-Based Palliative Care Education
Jason A. Webb and David Casarett

The Changing Landscape of Palliative Care
Diane E. Meier and Brynn Bowman

Hope for Persons with Dementia: Why Comfort Matters
Tena Alonzo

Next-Generation Quality Measurement to Support Improvement in Advanced
Illness and End-of-Life Care 
Helen Burstin and Karen Johnson

Policy and Politics to Drive Change in End-of-Life Care: Assessing the Best and Worst Places to Die in America
Andrew L. MacPherson and Ravi B. Parikh

Patient Preferences, Policy, and POLST
Judy Thomas and Charles Sabatino

Advanced Illness Care: Driving the Movement Forward
Bill Novelli and Raca Banerjee

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