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Posted on June 14, 2017 at 4:30 AM

Check out this remarkable collection of concurrent sessions coming up at the 2nd International Conference on End-of-Life Law, Ethics,
Policy, and Practice (ICEL) in Halifax.

The Ethics of POLST
Lloyd Steffen

The Perils of POLST
Jean Abbott

Advanced Directives and Advanced Care Planning
Peter Saul

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” – Ideologies of End of Life Care for Older People in Hospital
Laura Green

The Cultural Construction of End of Life Issues in Biomedicing: Anthropological Perspectives
Betty Wolder Levin

Caregiver Perspectives of Palliative and End of Life Care for Individuals at End-Stage Dementia in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Qualitative 
Phenomenological Perspective
Barbara Mason

End of Life Regulation and Recent Evolutions in France
Veronique Fournier

To Live and Let Die. Withholding and Withdrawing Life Sustaining Treatment in Argentina: From Therapeutic to Judicial Obstinacy
Maria Ciruzzi

When and How I Shan’t Live: Refusing Life-Prolonging Medical Treatment and Article 8 ECHR
Isra Black

Divorcing Mercy Killing from Euthanasia
Bryanna Moore

The Shift Away from Suicide Talk: Incorporating Voices of Experience
Phoebe Friesen

Elderly Who are Ready to Give Up on Life and the Right to Autonomy
Michelle Habets

Dutch GP’s Views on Good Dying and Euthanasia
Katja ten Cate

Medical Aid in Dying in New York State: Physician Attitudes and Impact of Framing Bias
Brendan Parent

Physicians’ Perceptions of Aid in Dying in Vermont
Ari Kirshenbaum

A New American Threat to Open Discussion of End-of-Life Issues
Robert Rivas

Demedicalised Assistance in Suicide
Martijn Hagens

The Human Rights Implications of the Blanket Ban on Assisted Suicide in England and Wales
Stevie Martin

A Year in Review: The Who, When, Why and How of Requests for Medical Aid in Dying in Quebec
Lori Seller and Veronique Fraser

Medical Aid in Dying: An Update from Québec
Michelle Giroux

Regulating MAiD: The Medical Regulatory Perspective
Andréa Foti

Patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Caregivers’, and Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on Advance Care Planning on End-of-Life Care
Kim Jameson

‘You’re Going to Die. How Would You Like to?’ Timing Discussions of End-of Life Treatment Preferences
Jaklin Eliott

Advance Care Planning in Australia: Aspirational or Practical?
Bernadette Richards

Palliative Care Including Euthanasia. Responses to Fundamental Criticisms of the Flemish-Belgian Model of Integral End-of-Life Care
Jan L. Bernheim

Fine Lines and Dr. Syme: Intention, Palliation and Death Causation in Regulation and Law
Malcolm Parker

Mapping Out the Implementation of Bill C-14 on Health Care Providers
Rafael Wainer and Jennifer Kryworuchko

Australian Doctors’ Legal Compliance in Relation to Decisions About Withholding or Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment
Ben White

Not “Worth” It? Doctors’ Perceptions of the Role of Resources in Futility Determinations
Eliana Close

Withdrawing Life-Prolonging Treatment from Patients in Vegetative or Minimally Conscious States in England and Wales
Celia Kitzinger

A Comparative Analysis of Voluntariness in the Netherlands and Oregon Physician Assisted Dying Laws
Michaela Okninski

Voluntary Assisted Dying: The Proposed Framework for Victoria, Australia
Deborah Lawson

Should Assisted Dying Require the Consent of a High Court Judge?
Penney Lewis

Conceivability of Performing Euthanasia in Cases of Psychiatric Disease, Dementia or Being Tired of Living
Kirsten Evenblij

What Characterises Complex Euthanasia Consultations?: Experiences of SCEN-Physicians
Roeline Pasman

Euthanasia for People with Psychiatric Disorders or Dementia in Belgium: Analysis of Officially Reported Cases
Sigrid Dierickx

Ethical Issues: MAiD and its Provision in Rural and Remote Settings
Fiona McDonald and Christy Simpson

Challenges in End-of-Life Care and Medical Assistance in Dying: Towards a Relational Ethics Approach
Patricia (Paddy) Rodney

Developing and Implementing a Medical Assistance in Dying Curriculum in a Family Medicine Residency Program
Susan MacDonald

Updating the Evidence about Physician-Assisted Dying and the Impact on Vulnerable Groups (Panel)
Margaret Battin, Bregje D. Onwuteaka-Philipsen, and Agnes van der Heide

Twenty Years of Experience with Physician Assisted Death in Oregon
Linda Ganzini

Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment: Explaining Low Uptake in England and Wales
Sue Wilkinson

The Notion of Advance Directives: Headway or Hazard?
Jean Abbott and Megan Prescott

Should Medical Input be Required in Completion of Advance Care Directives?
Deborah Lawson

A Grey Area Between Palliative Sedation and Euthanasia
Veerle van de Wetering

An International Perspective on Patient Preferences in the Decision-Making of Continuous Sedation Until Death
Agnes van der Heide

The Evolving Role of Palliative Sedation in the Era of MAiD
Blair Henry

Carter vs. Rasouli – Why was One Supreme Court Decision Right and the Other Wrong?
James Downar

Conversations About CPR – Professional Judgement or Autonomy?
James East

Medical Futility Dispute Resolution Options in the United States: Law and Ethics Fundamentals
Thaddeus Pope

Medical Aid in Dying for Mature Minors: Re-Interpreting the Problem of Decisional Capacity
Kathryn Morrison

The Under-Examined End-of-Life Option: Hastening Death by Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)
Thaddeus Pope

Experiences of Psychiatrists with (Granting) Requests for Euthanasia in Patients with Psychiatric Diseases
Kirsten Evenblij

Consensus View on Assisted Dying for Dementia: A Delphi Study on Key Issues and Concerns
Aida Dehkhoda

Expert Views on Developments in the Practice of Physician-Assisted Dying in the Netherlands
Marianne Snijdewind

Reframing Hope: A Rehabilitation Perspective on End-of-Life Care (Panel)
Preya Tarsney, Debjani Mukherjee, Gayle Spill, and Andy Kondrat

Medically Assisted Deaths on Vancouver Island – The First Year
Stefanie Green

Experiences of Patients and Their Support People with Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada
Ellen Wiebe

Reasons for Requesting Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in Canada
Ellen Wiebe

Against Advance Directives for MAiD
Hilary Young

Advance Directives Requesting Euthanasia in the Netherlands
Liselotte Postma

Euthanasia in Advanced Dementia: The Use of Advance Directives
Suzanne van de Vathorst

Trying and Dying: Are Some Wishes Better?
Oliver Kim

End of Life Care at the Beginning of Life
Kimberly Mutcherson

The Research Protocol of a Post-Mortem Survey on End-of-Life Decisions
Laure Dombrecht

The Influence of Doctors in the Australian Assisted Dying Debate
Jodhi Rutherford

The Politics Behind the Law on Assisted Dying
Adam McCann

Attitudes of Doctors on the Role of Law in End-of-Life Medical Practice: Empirical Findings from Australia
Lindy Wilmott

Organ Donation in the Context of MAiD: Ethics, Law and Policy
Jennifer Chandler

Euthanasia by Organ Donation
Michael Shapiro

Organ Donation and Assisted Death: Are there Special Ethics Considerations?
Eric Wasylenko

Considering MAiD in Severe, Refractory Mental Illness
Justine Dembo

Are Concerns about Irremediableness, Vulnerability, or Competence Sufficient to Justify Excluding Psychiatric Patients from MAiD?
William Rooney

Psychiatrists’ Views on Physician-Assisted Suicide and Psychiatric Patients: A Qualitative Study
Rosalie Pronk

End-of-Life Issues in Canadian Prisons (Panel)
Adelina Iftene, Crystal Dieleman, David Champagne, and Ivan Zinger

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) – Early Experiences and Practical Considerations in Nova Scotia
(Panel) Gordon Gubitz, Tim Holland, Janice Chisholm, Lianne Yoshida, and Robyn MacQuarrie on behalf of the Nova Scotia MAiD Providers

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