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Posted on June 3, 2017 at 12:10 PM
Today is the start of Euroanaesthesia 2017: The European Aneasthesiology Conference.

One notable talk by Giuseppe Citerio is "Brain death definition: is brain dead…dead enough?" Outside this one talk. the INDEPENDENT reports that "the concept of 'brain death' or death by neurological criteria, known as DNC, was introduced 40 years ago, but doctors have different ideas of what this means. Now they are gathering for the Euroanaesthesia congress in Geneva in the hope of coming up with a once-and-for-all answer."

Professor Citerio said: "Many of the controversies that surround the determination of death by DNC have not been settled and this [meeting] presents an opportunity for future research and education to clarify outstanding issues in order to reduce professional and public disquiet."

At the Geneva meeting on 3 to 5 June, Professor Citerio will call for the international community to establish a universal definition of DNC and a universal way to diagnose it.

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