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Posted on July 6, 2017 at 4:30 AM
The July 2017 issue of Health Affairs is a special issue on Advanced Illness & End-of-Life Care.

Advanced Illness And End-Of-Life Care
Alan R. Weil

Advance Care Planning With Alzheimer’s: A Tortuous Path
Rebecca Gale

Epidemiology And Patterns Of Care At The End Of Life: Rising Complexity, Shifts In Care Patterns And Sites Of Death
Melissa D. Aldridge and Elizabeth H. Bradley

A National Profile Of End-Of-Life Caregiving In The United States
Katherine A. Ornstein, Amy S. Kelley, Evan Bollens-Lund, and Jennifer L. 

Medicare Beneficiaries With Advanced Lung Cancer Experience Diverse Patterns Of Care From Diagnosis To Death
Megan S. Schuler, Nina R. Joyce, Haiden A. Huskamp, Elizabeth B. Lamont, 
and Laura A. Hatfield

Analysis Of End-Of-Life Care, Out-Of-Pocket Spending, And Place Of Death In 16 European Countries And Israel
Martina Orlovic, Joachim Marti, and Elias Mossialos

End-Of-Life Medical Spending In Last Twelve Months Of Life Is Lower Than Previously Reported
Eric B. French, et al

Disparities In Cancer Care And Costs At The End Of Life: Evidence From England’s National Health Service
Brendan Walsh and Mauro Laudicella

Challenges Of Measuring Quality Of Community-Based Programs For Seriously Ill Individuals And Their Families
Joan M. Teno, Rebecca Anhang Price, and Lena K. Makaroun

Applying Quality Indicators For Administrative Databases To Evaluate End-Of-Life Care For Cancer Patients In Belgium
Robrecht De Schreye, Tinne Smets, Lieven Annemans, Luc Deliens, Birgit 
Gielen, Cindy De Gendt, and Joachim Cohen

Approximately One In Three US Adults Completes Any Type Of Advance Directive For End-Of-Life Care
Kuldeep N. Yadav, Nicole B. Gabler, Elizabeth Cooney, Saida Kent, Jennifer Kim, Nicole Herbst, Adjoa Mante, Scott D. Halpern, and Katherine
R. Courtright

Challenges In Understanding And Respecting Patients’ Preferences
Amber E. Barnato

A Systematic Intervention To Improve Serious Illness Communication In Primary Care
Joshua R. Lakin, Luca A. Koritsanszky, Rebecca Cunningham, Francine L. Maloney, Brandon J. Neal, Joanna Paladino, Marissa C. Palmor, Christine 
Vogeli, Timothy G. Ferris, Susan D. Block, Atul A. Gawande, and Rachelle E. Bernacki

National Strategy For Palliative Care
Diane E. Meier, Anthony L. Back, Amy Berman, Susan D. Block, Janet M. Corrigan, and R. Sean Morrison

Increasing Veterans’ Hospice Use: The Veterans Health Administration’s Focus On Improving End-Of-Life Care
Susan C. Miller, Orna Intrator, Winifred Scott, Scott T. Shreve, Ciaran S. Phibbs, Bruce Kinosian, Richard M. Allman, and Thomas E. Edes

Black And Hispanic Patients Receive Hospice Care Similar To That Of White Patients When In The Same Hospices
Rebecca Anhang Price, Layla Parast, Ann Haas, Joan M. Teno, and Marc N. Elliott

A Positive Association Between Hospice Profit Margin And The Rate At Which Patients Are Discharged Before Death
Rachel Dolin, G. Mark Holmes, Sally C. Stearns, Denise A. Kirk, Laura C. Hanson, Donald H. Taylor, Jr., and Pam Silberman

NARRATIVE MATTERS: Getting It Right At The End Of Life
Dina Keller Moss

Foundation Funding For Palliative And End-Of-Life Care

Conundrums At The End Of Life
Jerald Winakur

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