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Posted on September 3, 2017 at 10:18 PM

Nothing brings out the true color of people as clearly as a national catastrophe such as hurricane Harvey. “Beautiful” has been the color of the vast majority of people who have been victims of, or responders to, one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. Many people who watched their houses and possessions float away, who must have wondered how they will ever recover from their losses, nevertheless are painting the beautiful colors of faith, trust, courage, and patience. Many people who have put their own jobs and lives on hold to go down to Houston to help strangers in need, to pluck them out of the flood waters, to feed and shelter them, and to give them the proverbial shirt off their backs, are painting the beautiful colors of love, service, and sacrifice toward fellow human beings in need. Yes, Harvey has brought out many beautiful colors, as the vast majority of people have displayed the best of what human beings are capable of.

However, tragedies also bring out the true “ugly” colors of other people. Looters have broken into business and private dwellings and have wantonly stolen what did not belong to them. On some occasions, first responders have been robbed and even shot at. And when the flood waters recede and flood victims begin to rebuild their homes and lives, be assured that scammers will make the rounds, taking advantage of people in great need to pad their own greedy pockets with ill-gotten gain. Yes, Harvey has brought out many ugly colors, as a few people have displayed the worst of what human beings are capable of.

In my judgment, hurricane Harvey has brought out the true colors of the ardently pro-choice organization, NARAL. Ugly and unconscionable are the kindest words I have for the tweets NARAL posted to its official twitter account. “In the wake of #HurricaneHarvey, Texans seeking abortion face clinic closures, canceled appts, & displacement.” NARAL also encouraged people to give money to the Lilith Fund which invited people to “join us in supporting Harvey survivors seeking an abortion but cannot afford it.”

Nothing like using a human tragedy for a desperate fund-raising appeal! After all, could there be anything worse than a slow-down in the abortion industry? Thousands of displaced people living in shelters, wondering how they’ll recover since they are without flood insurance to rebuild their houses. Thousands of people simply happy that they are alive, having been rescued from Harvey’s rage. Thousands of people emptying their wallets and giving generously to the Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations. And NARAL is worried it might not get its share of money to support the abortion juggernaut? In the midst of all the suffering inflicted by Harvey, evidently NARAL’s deepest fear is that some human fetuses might escape the death of abortion, having been “accidently saved” because the abortion-machine was unable to operate at full capacity in Texas during those terrible days that were hurricane Harvey. NARAL’s true color is evident. It is not so much “pro-choice” as it is “pro-abortion,” and it is not above taking advantage of a human tragedy to beg money to support its deathly cause.

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