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Posted on January 25, 2018 at 8:28 AM

Here is my new defense of the “ATS / AACN / ACCP / ESICM / SCCM Policy Statement: Responding to Requests for Potentially Inappropriate Treatments in Intensive Care Units.”

Here is my abstract:  “The primary objective of this article is to defend the vocabulary in the Multiorganization Policy Statement. The Multiorganization Statement narrows but does not abolish the term futility. Rather, it offers a richer and more precise vocabulary that facilitates better ethical decision-making. The secondary objective of this article is to defend the continuing utility of the terms and concepts ‘quantitative futility’ and ‘qualitative futility’ defended by Schneiderman, Jecker, and Jonsen (2017).”

Check out other contributions in this issue by Truog, Veatch, Lantos, Fins, Callahan, and other leading bioethicists.  

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