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Advance Directives for VSED

Later this year, Canada will consider extending medical aid in dying (MAID) to patients through advance directive. While some U.S. legislatures have introduced bills to do the same, it seems unlikely that any such bill will pass.

In the meantime, some U.S. legislatures are considering allowing VSED through advance directive. This is a small extension of current law which already allows patients to direct the removal of nutrition and hydration. The only material difference between VSED and CANH is the means by which the nutrition and hydration is delivered.  

An Oregon legislative hearing on February 7, 2018 addressed some of these issues. Constituents submitted numerous letters on VSED even though it is not really even covered by H.B. 4135. Particularly compelling is the testimony of Bill Harris who brought a court case seeking to enforce his wife’s advance directive for VSED.

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