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Artist’s Note

by Kate Zumach

There is an interesting trend in quantifying our everyday lives, turning tasks into data. It begs the question, what happens when we quantify our relationships? From conceptual sketches to the final illustration, there was a lot of emphasis on the topics of the quantified self movement. The viewer is shown autonomous characters who are releasing data into a neverending grid that is organizing and sorting this information. It also introduces the viewer to the third party in the relationship: technology. This illustration depicts the flow of data from each individual and the relationship between them. We now have the power to rank and record aspects of our relationships that was never before possible. This method of quantifying a relationship has the power to either bring people closer or remove their emotional connection. For this illustration, the characters are together showing the viewer that they still have a strong emotional and physical connection. Conversely, the overall feel of the piece is very sterile and disconnected. This conveys the feeling that we are at the tipping point of deciding whether this qualification will help or hinder our modern relationships.

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