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Cut $1 Trillion in Annual Wasteful Health Care Spending

The Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute recently convened 10 of the
country‚Äôs leading experts on health care policy to develop recommendations that, collectively, could reduce the cost of health care and cut the more than $1 trillion in annual wasteful health care spending. 

Their recommendations are described in a new TMCHPI report: “Reducing the Cost of Health Care: Current Innovations and Future Possibilities.”

The eight cost-savings recommendations are

1. Allow the government to use cost and cost-effectiveness in decision-making
2. Eliminate fee-for-service
3. Standardize quality-of-care metrics
4. Empower patients to be responsible for their own health and health care
5. Improve care coordination through task shifting
6. Reduce Emergency Department utilization and readmissions
7. Develop more specific approaches to improving end-of-life care
8. Meaningfully address the impacts of adverse childhood experiences

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