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Clinicians May Have Used Advance Directive to Hide Malpractice

In August 2011, Cecilia Hoh was admitted to Glendale Adventist because of swelling in her right foot. Her family alleges that clinicians failed to perform the proper diagnostic tests, including an ultrasound, to rule out deep vein thrombosis. 

The family further alleges that after learning Hoh had a “history of lung mass,” clinicians misrepresented  that she suffered from terminal lung cancer when they knew the mass was benign. Then,  when clinicians learned Ms. Hoh had an advance directive, they ceased providing any curative care, and assigned her to hospice care. Defendants misrepresented to plaintiffs that Ms. Hoh suffered from a terminal, incurable condition in order to secure their consent for the removal of Ms. Hoh’s breathing tube.

None of these allegations have been proven. The family missed the statute of limitations and the lawsuit was dismissed

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