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Posted on April 28, 2018 at 4:30 AM

This looks like a conference of great value for even non-Canadians involved with medical aid in dying.

MAID 2018 is the second annual meeting for assessors, providers and the larger professional community that supports medical assistance in dying for Canadians. The conference will include information and discussion about emerging challenges and interpretations to the legislation of MAID.

By the end of the conference, participants will be able to:
1. Interpret the legislation governing MAID
2. Appreciate the current challenges in MAID nationally
3. Discuss future potential directions for MAID in Canada

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dr. Stefanie Green, Dr. Viren Naik, & Mr. Mike Kekewich

Assisted Dying in Belgium: Experience, Research & Lessons Learned
Prof. Luc Deliens
– Explain the global context to physician assisted death
– Understand cultural nuance to MAID in the context of end of life care

Federal Reporting and Monitoring System
Ms. Jacquie Lemaire
– Understand the new federal reporting regulations
– Describe the importance of these new regulations

Medico-Legal Landscape: Interpretation & Policy Perspectives (Panel)
Prof. Jennifer Chandler, Dr. Gus Grant, Mr. Daniel Boivin, & Prof. Jocelyn Downie
– Explain updates to the legal framework around MAID
– Describe the legal impact and challenges with evolving interpretation

Bridge C-14: Supporting Patients & Families
Ms. Jan Ditchfield
– Understand the needs of patients and families through the MAID process
– Discuss resources that are available to patients and families

MAID for the Pediatric Population: Are We Ready?
Dr. Christina Vadeboncoeur, & Mr. Mike Kekewich
– Explain the implications of MAID in pediatric patients
– Describe the necessary safeguards to implement MAID for pediatric patients

Summary of MAID Research in Canada
Dr. Ellen Wiebe
– Understand current research projects in Canada
– Discuss different research opportunities

X-Country Check Up: Issues and Challenges (Panel)
Dr. Claude Rivard, Dr. Kim Wiebe, Dr. Konia Trouton, Dr. Francois de Wet & Dr. Gerald Ashe
– Describe the major regional challenges in the implementation of MAID
– Analyze opportunities for collaboration in addressing challenges

Welcome: MAID Through the Lens of Those We Serve
Ms. Gillian Szollos—Patient Family Member

Organ and Tissue Donation for MAID
Dr. Andrew Healey
– Describe the eligibility criteria for organ donation in MAID
– Understand the ethical complexities of organ donation in MAID

MAID: A Team Approach (Panel)
Mrs. Lauren Clark, Mrs. Kelly Jarvis, & Dr. Alan Karovitch
– Discuss the role of on an interprofessional approach to MAID
– Explain the roles of different professions in MAID

Palliative Care: Bridging The Gaps Across The End-of-Life Continuum
Dr. David Henderson & Dr. Stefanie Green
– Describe the role of palliative care in the MAID process
– Understand the options of palliative care for patients
– Discuss constructive dialogue between MAID and palliative care colleagues

Dying with Dignity: Advocating for Patients
Ms. Shanaaz Gokool &Prof. Daphne Gilbert
– Appreciate the role Dying with Dignity plays in the advocacy of patients
– Describe current activities of Dying with Dignity nationally

Providing MAID to Vulnerable, Indigenous, Homeless & Frail Elderly Populations (Panel)
Dr. Jeff Blackmer, & Prof. Jocelyn Downie, & Dr. Christine Gibson
– Explain the ethical implications of MAID eligibility in vulnerable populations
– Discuss the challenges between the advocacy of patient rights, and protectionism of most vulnerable in society

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Oral and IV Protocols
Dr. Konia Trouton, Dr. Christopher Harty, & Dr. Viren Naik
– Explain best practice in IV and oral medication administration
– Describe evidence in established clinical practice guidelines

Self Care / Burnout Study Results
Dr. Margaret McKee
– Understand the impact of MAID on practitioners
– Describe strategies to mitigate burnout

Difficult Cases and Scenarios
Dr. Jonathan Reggler
– Explain complex criteria regarding eligibility for MAID
– Describe different MAID scenarios

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