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Posted on June 27, 2018 at 4:30 AM

The July 2018 issue 44(7) of the Journal of Medical Ethics focuses on the Charlie Gard case.

I contributed a guest editorial: “Charlie Gard’s five months in court: better dispute resolution mechanisms for medical futility disputes.” Other articles include:

Hard lessons: learning from the Charlie Gard case – Dominic Wilkinson, Julian Savulescu

Approaches to parental demand for non-established medical treatment: reflections on the Charlie Gard case – John J Paris, Brian M Cummings, Michael P Moreland, Jason N Batten

Charlie Gard and the weight of parental rights to seek experimental treatment – Giles Birchley

Ethical implications of medical crowdfunding: the case of Charlie Gard – Gabrielle Dressler, Sarah A Kelly

Voices of moral authority: parents, doctors and what will actually help – Richard David William Hain

Why Charlie Gard’s parents should have been the decision-makers about their son’s best interests – Raanan Gillon

A threshold of significant harm (f)or a viable alternative therapeutic option? – Jo Bridgeman

Clinic, courtroom or (specialist) committee: in the best interests of the critically Ill child? – Richard Huxtable

Charlie Gard: in defence of the lawEditor’s Choice – Eliana Close, Lindy Willmott, Benjamin P White

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