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Patient Modesty: Volume 88

So.. based on what has been written in all the previous Volumes of this thread, it appears that a consensus is that the medical system just going “down the drain”.  And if so..whose fault? Who should we blame?  And if this analogy is realistic, what is the solution since seems obvious that we (all of us) need trained humans to diagnose and treat us for many of  our illnesses?  Should we have folks not trained in medicine or business to actually run the medical system? Should they be “voted into office” and that by public vote
decisions in medical-surgical practice be made? What is your opinion? Got one? If so, then Comment.  ..Maurice.

As of July 1 2018, Volume 88 will be closed for further Comments.
However, Comments can continue on Volume 89.

Graphic: From Google Images and modified by me with ArtRage 3.

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