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Patient Modesty: Volume 90

The animated GIF picture for Volume 90 (thanks to via Google images) is my graphic
impression of what has been one of the primary concerns of patients writing here: unwanted, unnecessary or even non-permitted  bodily visual inspection during medical or surgical procedures.  Of course, other unprofessional acts by the “professionals” have also been described but unnecessary and patient unwanted inspection, looking or “peeking” is a common behavior presented. 
However, the graphic should also represent the eye movements and “attention” by patient’s themselves, looking out, keeping their eyes open to professional misbehavior coming from any direction.
I think this graphic should emphasize the need for such attention and if unwanted “gazing” other “unprofessional” behavior is found, patients should feel free to “speak up” and contribute to making the medical profession truly “professional” toward a goal directed solely to  patient beneficence and not some other goal set solely for “the system person” or the system itself.  Is there anything further to add describing any relationship of this graphic to the issues brought up in these 90 Volumes?  ..Maurice.

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