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Posted on September 1, 2018 at 4:00 AM
British courts usually side with
clinicians in medical futility conflicts. But not always. This
week, Mr Justice Keehan rejected the
application of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust to
place a DNR order on a patient.
The trust argued that CPR would be futile and unnecessarily
burdensome for the patient. She is apparently completely vegetative, though it
is too early to know if that is permanent.
The patient’s children said she should be given a chance to
make a recovery. They said she held strong religious beliefs and would have
wanted CPR.
Mr Justice Keehan said he had to take into account the
“wishes and feelings” the woman had previously expressed to family members. He
said it was “plain” that she would have wanted CPR had she been able to make
the decision.

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